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Mitzi has been groomed at The Woofy Wash Company for two years . . . I take her every three months and as soon as I park the car she can't wait to get out, which is quite unusual as she is normally very timid . . . I wouldn't take her anywhere else and I'm sure Mitzi would agree!


- Sharon McLarnon

All breeds and cross-breeds welcome.


All prices are dependent on dog size and coat quality*.


*Please note that if your dog is much larger than standard breed size or is badly matted, an extra fee may occur.

Small Breeds

- Border Terrier, Cavalier King Charles, Yorkie

- £15 - £40

Medium Breeds

- Cocker Spaniel, Labrador, Basset Hound

- £20 - £40+

Large Breeds

- Kerry Blue, German Shepherd, Rough Collie

- £35 - £60+

Extra-Large Breeds

- Newfoundland, Irish Wolf Hound, St. Bernard

- £45 - £70 +

For hand-stripping, please add £14 to the quoted price.

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